MSAT - Metis Settlement Appeal Tribunal


MSAT Archived Decisions


  • Order No. 180 Acrobat icon
    Between: Clarence Cunningham (Appellant) -and-
    Randy Cunningham (Respondent)
  • Order No. 179 Acrobat icon
    Between: Conrad Marineau (Appellant) -and-
    Council for Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement (Respondant)
  • Order No. 178 Acrobat icon
    Between: Gift Lake Metis Settlement, Kenneth Russal Shaw -and-
    Conrad Patrick Shaw (Applicants) -and-
    Devon Canada Corporation (Respondent) -and-
    Métis Settlements General Council,
    ATCO Electric Ltd.,
    Precambrian Shield Resources Limited, -and-
    Hillcrest Resources Ltd. (Affected Parties/Occupants)
  • Order No. 177 Acrobat icon
    Métis Moccasin Resources Inc. (Applicant) -and-
    Kikino Métis Settlement -and-
    Métis Settlements General Council (Respondants)
  • Order No. 176 Acrobat icon
    Between: Gift Lake Metis Settlement (Appellant) -and-
    Devon Canada Corporation (Respondent) -and-
    Metis Settlements General Council, Kenneth Russell Shaw
    Conrad Patrick Shaw, ATCO Electric Ltd.,
    Precambrian Shield Resources Limited, and Hillcrest Resources Ltd. (Affected Parties)
  • Order No. 174 Acrobat icon
    Between: Arnold Thompson, Michael Thompson, Henrietta Hope (Appellants) -and-
    Clifford Cardinal, Paul Cardinal, Helen Cardinal (Respondents)
  • Order No. 175 Acrobat icon
    Between: Vernon Calliou (Appellant) -and-
    Settlement Council for Fishing Lake Metis Settlement (Respondent) -and-
    Watch Resources, Canadian Natural Resources Limited,
    and Tulliby Lake Stockmans Association (Affected Parties)


  • Order No. 168 Acrobat icon
    Between: Fishing Lake Métis Settlement (Applicant) -and-
    Kelly Bowen, Gladys Calliou, Jean Anderson, Arlene Calliou, Peggy McGillis, Darlene Callioux, Darren Calliou, Barry Jess, Clayton Trottier, Raymond Hayden, Jennifer Crevier (Affected Parties)
  • Order No. 169 Acrobat icon
    Between: Lisa Michelle Calliou, Clifford Calliou and Brian Taylor (Appellants) -and-
    Settlement Council for Fishing Lake Métis Settlement, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Husky Oil Operations Limited and Conoco Canada Resources Limited (Respondents) -and-
    Métis Settlements General Council, Walter Scott Anderson, Sheila McGillis (Land Trustee), Michael Allen Callioux, Michael J. Delorme, Raymond George Delorme, Clayton Trottier, Estate of Kenneth D. Calliou, Estate of William J. Lebel, Greg Calliou, Helen Elizabeth Flamand, Dwayne Durocher, Mary Grace Desjarlais, Clifford Calliou and Brian Clifford Taylor (Other Parties (Occupants))

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  • Order No. 170 Acrobat icon
    Between: Evelyn Carifelle (Appellant) -and-
    Peavine Métis Settlement (Respondent)
  • Order No. 171 Acrobat icon
    Between: Ross Joseph Collins (Appellant) -and-
    Settlement Council for Elizabeth Métis Settlement (Respondent) -and-
    Dennis Wells (Affected party)
  • Order No. 172 Acrobat icon
    Between: Settlement Council for Kikino Metis Settlement (Appellant) -and-
    Husky Oil Operations Limited, Metis Settlements General Council,
    Kikino Metis Settlement and Kikino Cattlemen's Association (Respondents)


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