MSAT - Metis Settlement Appeal Tribunal



Significant tracts of land were set aside in 1938 by the Government of Alberta for the exclusive use and occupation of Metis, along with (very) limited forms of self-government. In 1989, following years of conferences and negotiations, the Alberta-Metis Settlements Accord was passed. It ushered in a new era.

The Accord called for joint action by Alberta and the Metis Settlements General Council (called the Federation back then) to protect Settlement lands, and to build viable Metis communities with good local and collective government systems.

The Accord provided a framework for the creation of provincial statutes.  These statutes—of which there are four—provided tools for local and collective Metis governments to make their own binding laws. In effect, it provided a platform for self-governance.

The Metis Settlements General Council and local Settlement Councils were established in 1990 to represent Settlement members and to develop collective and local laws. The Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal was also established in 1990 to act as a court-like body ruling on land, membership and other matters.