MSAT - Metis Settlement Appeal Tribunal


Land Access Panel (LAP)

This panel is appointed by the Chair of the Appeal Tribunal, with the concurrence of the Minister and the Metis Settlements General Council. It must have a minimum of three Tribunal Members.

The Tribunal chair may designate one or more members of the Land Access Panel to sit as and exercise the powers of the Land Access Panel, and may cancel such a designation.

The responsibilities of LAP are many and varied. They include:

  • issue right of entry orders for projects involving mineral leases granted after November 1, 1990 (when the Metis Settlements Legislation came into effect);
  • amend and terminate right of entry orders made by LAP, ELLAP, or the Surface Rights Board;
  • issue compensation orders;
  • amend compensation rates in compensation orders and surface leases; and
  • enforce payment of compensation under compensation orders and surface leases.