MSAT - Metis Settlement Appeal Tribunal



The Appeal Tribunal deals with a wide variety of appeals. Our three main areas of appeal are:

Membership Appeals. This type of appeal is heard by a membership panel and include issues such as:

  • Membership Applications:
    • acceptance (appeal by other members)
    • refusals
    • deferrals (non-decision by Council)
  • Terminations
  • Expulsion (includes non-members)
  • Residency disputes (during probationary period)

Land Appeals. These are heard by a land panel. Issues under land appeals include but not limited to:

  • Cancellation of interest in land
  • Improper recording of an interest in land
  • Cancel a recording
  • Other actions by Registrar
  • Compensation
  • Granting of an interest
  • Changing registered surveys
  • Transfers of interests
  • Decisions of the sub-division authority
  • Compensation for non-renewable resources
  • Ownership/extent of interest in land
  • Expiration of allotments
  • Expiration/non-renewal of PMT
  • Descent of property

Surface Access disputes are heard by the Land Access Panel or the Existing Leases Land Access Panel. Types of surface access disputes include:

  • Oil and gas development on Settlement lands
  • Issuance, amendment, termination of Right of Entry Orders
  • Issuance and amendment of Compensation Orders, including the review of rate of compensation
Other Types of Disputes and Appeals are heard by a panel appointed by the Chair of the Appeal Tribunal according to his discretion. Some appeals that fall into this category are:

  • Appeals under General Council Policies and Settlement By-Laws, such as:

    Business Property
    • Valuation and corresponding taxes of business properties
    • Interpretation of clauses of the Business Property Contribution Policy

    Management of Non-Renewable Resources
    • Council management of non-renewable resources

    Financial Interests
    • Financial Interests of Councillors

    • Review of Council Decisions
    • Fairness of Process

    Mineral Projects
    • Compensation for interest, damage
    • Interpretation of clauses of Mineral Projects Policy

  • Nuisance Orders
  • Expulsions
  • Anything else where all parties agree in writing that the Appeal Tribunal should settle the dispute
  • Anything given to the Appeal Tribunal under the regulations, Settlement by-laws or MSGC policies