Application to the Existing Leases Land Access Panel for Right of Entry Order

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Mineral Agreement(s) - Alberta Energy

You must be the holder of a mineral lease dated on or before November 1, 1990 from the Crown in right of Alberta, or making an application in respect of such a lease, to apply to ELLAP.

Development Plans
*Are there any Settlement Development Plans in effect for the parcels described this application?
Additional Surface Access
*Do you have a right of entry, but require additional surface access?


Occupant means a settlement council, the person in actual possession of a parcel of patented land, and a person having a right or interest in patented land that is registered in the Metis Settlements Land Registry (see s. 111(h), Metis Settlements Act, RSA 2004).

Notice & Consents
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If occupants have refused to consent, describe attempts that have been made to obtain their consent.

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I certify the information on this application is true and undertake to comply with all applicable legislation, Metis Settlements General Council policies, Settlement bylaws, and development or land use plans.

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